Lake Forest Mobile Pet Ultrasound

Mobile Pet Ultrasound in Chicagoland

A standard pet wellness exam is usually the first line of defense against illnesses, but there are a number of conditions that can’t be detected with a physical exam alone. This is when the need for advanced pet diagnostics comes into play. Full Circle Animal Health Care offers mobile pet ultrasound services to examine your pet internally in the comfort and convenience of your home. With our modern diagnostic ultrasound technology, we can diagnose conditions faster and with more accuracy, allowing your companion to receive treatment sooner.

Pet ultrasound is comparable to human ultrasound in that it involves using sound waves to safely examine the size, shape, and tissue density of the internal organs, creating a moving image in real time. It’s commonly used to detect pregnancy, but can be used to detect other conditions as well.

If you think your pet is in need of a diagnostic exam, contact Dr. Yeager for an over-the-phone or at-home consultation prior to scheduling an appointment.

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