Illinois Mobile Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping Brings Them Home

Thousands of animals go missing every year for a variety of reasons. Maybe your pet’s roaming instinct brought them further than their nose knew how to sniff back from. Maybe they got lost in the shuffle of a big move. No matter what the reason your pet becomes lost, you can rest assured knowing microchipping greatly increases your chances of bringing your furry friend home. I.D. tags are very useful and should always be used on your pet, but they are not permanent like microchipping. Your companion’s collar can easily get snagged or taken off. We’re proud to offer this easy, pain-free service at Full Circle Animal Health Care for the pets of Lake County and the surrounding North Shore area.

How the Process Works

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and we painlessly inject it right below your pet’s skin around their shoulder blades. This tiny microchip stores important contact information about how to get ahold of you when your pet is found. In the United States, most animal hospitals and shelters keep a microchip scanner that uses radio frequency identification technology to quickly tell them who a lost animal’s owner is. Pet microchipping is the quick and simple way to bring owners and their pet’s back together again.

Microchipping at Your Doorstep

As easy as microchipping is on your pet, since it’s quick and doesn’t require anesthesia or surgery, we know how stressful going somewhere other than home can be on your pet. We’re a fully equipped mobile veterinary service at Full Circle Animal Health Care, and we’re also ready to microchip your farm animals. We can update your pet’s vaccinations while we microchip. Please remember that microchipping does not replace identification tags and we can give you a vaccination tag too. Contact us at 888-426-3069 for pet microchipping service at your doorstep, so your loyal companion can be back in your arms in no time if the unthinkable happens.

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