At-Home Pet Hospice Care for The Chicagoland

One of our many goals here at Full Circle Animal Health Care is to make pet care as convenient as possible through every life stage. In addition to our high-quality, compassionate pet wellness and consultative services, we offer pet hospice care for geriatric and terminally ill pets until they pass on or are euthanized. Hospice care for pets is similar to hospice for humans in that it involves making the final moments of life as comfortable as possible, whether it’s for weeks, days, or hours.

When Is Pet Hospice Care Needed

Pet hospice care is usually recommended for pets that have been diagnosed with an incurable illness or are experiencing age-related health problems. Our services are offered with careful, tactful consideration to every pet’s and owner’s specific needs. Some of the at-home pet hospice care services we provide include:

If you think your pet could benefit from at-home hospice care, contact Dr. Yeager at 888-426-3069 to schedule a consultation. She will assess your pet’s symptoms and develop a treatment plan to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while respecting your wishes as the owner. She can also discuss your options for end-of-life care, which includes euthanasia, burial, and cremation.

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