Illinois Mobile Pet Health Certification

Before You Travel: Pet Health Certification

If you’re planning a domestic or international flight with your pet, a health certificate may be required by your airline or the country you plan to visit. Some countries have the right to refuse entry or quarantine a pet without a certificate. Full Circle Animal Health Care can issue both domestic and international health certificates, which indicate that a pet is in good health and free from contagious diseases. To receive a health certificate, your pet must undergo a comprehensive wellness exam and receive a clean bill of health. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for this exam within 10 days of your departure date.

Knowing What to Expect

It’s a good idea to get your pet microchipped in addition to a health certificate before you go on any trip with them. A pet health certificate will help you know where your pet’s health stands when you’re traveling into unfamiliar areas. We make sure vaccinations are all up-to-date in addition to giving your loyal companion a heartworm check. Preventative medicine will be given if it’s determined to be helpful on your trip and we also recommend they get a wellness check after you return home. Though the chances are slim, your furry friend can pick up an illness from a foreign place. We’re all about customized service for the pets of Lake County and the surrounding North Shore areas and will gladly direct you on the best care for your pet while you travel.

Top-of-the-Line Care at Full Circle

Only fully accredited veterinarians can issue what is technically called a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for pets going out of the country or boarding certain flights. Different countries and airlines have different health requirements and standards for incoming pets. At Full Circle Animal Health Care, we have the experience and know-how to look for what your airline or destination country will want to know about your pet. Then, we sign and date this important document so you can have peace of mind knowing your companion will be with you at all times while you travel. Contact us at 888-426-3069 to learn more about pet health certificates!

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