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Holistic Services

Holistic veterinary medicine involves the art and science of healing a pet by incorporating the full body to prevent and treat disease. It integrates a variety of alternative treatment modalities that allow the body to essentially heal itself. These include chiropractic care, massage therapy, and rehabilitation therapy. Full Circle Animal Health Care will soon offer all of these services for pets in need of pain relief.

Canine Massage & Services

Massage is touch with intent, which includes the laying of hands. It is the manipulation of
superficial, deep muscles, and connective tissues using various techniques to enhance function,
help in the healing process, decrease muscle soreness, help with passive range of motion, and
promote relaxation. When a canine is touched, so much can happen physiologically, trust,
relationship building, and relaxation.

Some Benefits to Massage:

Types of Massages:

Puppy Massage

Engaging a puppy in positive touch as soon as possible is going to be beneficial and help them
learn a deeper sense of trust. It is an excellent socialization tool and helps to build body
awareness for the puppy. Puppies experience growing pains like we do, and massage helps
those achy joints and muscles.

Maintenance Massage

Our dogs are athletes, and they are constantly on the go. Whether it’s playing in the yard, going
to the dog park, or chasing a squirrel, they are continually moving and are sometime reckless with their bodies. A nice massage will help elevate sore muscles, reduce trigger points, and help
bring the dog back to their normal range of motion.

Sports Massage - Pre/Post Event

A pre-event massage is going to warm up the tissue which is going to reduce the risk of them
becoming injured. A post-event massage is going to help relax the muscle and allow them to cool
down so they won't become stiff and sore.

Senior Dog Massage

Massage is key for geriatric dogs, as it helps them continue to move, nourishes the tissue, increases circulation, and helps with their range of motion. Arthritis is a common condition in older dogs, and massage will help elevate stiffness.

Palliative & Hospice Care

This is a nice calming massage when pet parents can be engaged in the process. This
massage will focus on providing pain control and physical and emotional comfort for the pet. It
also prevents anxiety of hospital visits, since the massage will take place in the pet’s home.

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