Veterinary Services for Farm Animals

In addition to providing house call services to dogs and cats of Chicagoland, Full Circle Animal Health Care offers wellness services for backyard chickens and goats as well. Owning these farm animals can involve a number of challenges, but it can also be very enjoyable. With the proper education and regular wellness exams, your chickens or goats can live healthy lives.

Backyard Chicken Care

Just as with a dog or cat, we recommend regular wellness exams for backyard chickens, whether they’re production poultry or companion chickens. The wellness exam consists of an assessment of overall body mass, behavior, and general condition of the skin, feathers, nails, beak, and comb. It allows us to determine if there are any zoonotic diseases. A zoonotic disease is one that can be passed on to humans, such as salmonella.

During the exam, we look for issues that are common among chickens, such as parasitism, reproductive disorders, trauma, and injuries. Since chickens tend to hide signs of illness, we often rely on our diagnostic services (blood work, fecal exam, etc.) to complement and qualify the findings of the wellness exam. If you have any questions about how to care for your backyard chicken, we also offer consultative services specifically for chickens.

Veterinary Goat Care in Chicagoland Area

Goats are one of the oldest species of domesticated animals, and it’s becoming more common for them to be kept as pets in the U.S. Whether you have a pet goat or a livestock goat, it’s important to consider their dietary/pasture, housing, medical, and grooming needs. During your goat’s wellness appointment, we can discuss these needs in detail to develop an individualized wellness program to keep them healthy.

Diet & Nutrition for Goats: Because goats are herbivores, they rely on various plants for their food, so it’s important for your pasture to have high-quality forages. Make sure you provide the right combination of fats and carbohydrates in your goat’s diet as well to meet their energy needs. We recommend that you also provide a grazing and browsing area as well as a continuous fresh water supply.

Housing for Goats: The ideal housing for goats is a dry, well-ventilated area. Goats typically dislike being wet, so make sure the walls, ceiling, and floor of your housing area are always kept dry. Any water and food containers should be sturdy and placed in a location where they can’t be contaminated.

Medical Care: To protect your goat from potentially serious diseases, we recommend that they be vaccinated regularly, beginning when they’re young. Some of the most common goat diseases that vaccinations can protect against include tetanus, mastitis, ketosis, and white muscle disease. We also recommend annual wellness exams, parasite control, and deworming.

Grooming for Goats: Grooming your goat on a regular basis helps to keep them clean and healthy. Some of the basic goat grooming procedures include dehorning/disbudding, coat care (to remove flakes and parasites), and hoof care.

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